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[Central Oregon Council on Aging]

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[Red Cross Oregon Mountain River]

[GlobalGiving Charity Fundraising]

[Aishworya Childrens Home]

[St. Jude Children's Research Hospital]

[The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp]

[Kiva Microfinance Lending]

[Calvert Impact Capital, Inc.]

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[ONE - fight against extreme poverty]

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[ICIJ | Center for Public Integrity]

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OUR MISSION - TheFutureWay Institute
is a secular, nonpartisan, digital think tank platform.

Presenting curated open-source initiatives, inspiring resources directed towards global community programs, and embracing the exchange of leadership ideas - 'Conversation Paves The Future Way'

FutureManagement (global consulting engagements), under the corporate holding company Future Management Holdings Inc (FMHI), provides consulting insights & research within the following disciplines:

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Our optimized service offerings are designed to help clients & partners generate revenue, increase optimal cost-effective profit performance, integrate and transition to next-generation technology with an equitable and sustainable global focus. Since 1975 engagements have provided successful management consulting for Trillions of Dollars of assets worldwide.

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unVetted Internet Posts~~> [ With the future way in mind, the Center for Public Integrity mission is to protect democracy and inspire change using investigative reporting that exposes betrayals of the public trust by powerful interests - Influencer Intelligence in association with Econsultancy, is pleased to present a ground-breaking industry trends report Influencer Marketing 2020 - Way of the Future WOTF Inside Artificial Intelligence's First Church - During our three-hour interview, Anthony Levandowski made it absolutely clear that his choice to make WOTF a church rather than a company or a think tank was no prank - Try as we might, we are not going to be living in the past, but rather forward into the future - You’re a what? Futurist - Ford has an executive whose entire job is to predict the way of the future ]  

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