Mark Mariotti is FMHI Chairman  Mark Mariotti is the Founder & Chairman of Future Management Holdings Inc (FMHI).

Mark was born & raised in Southern California, where he continues to spend a significant portion of his life. He attended UCLA, developed a business career, raised a family, and created various global business & real estate ventures.

After a long public business career notably beginning within acquired divisions of JPMorgan Chase & Co., and concluding his executive career with private business Future Management Holdings Inc (FMHI), Mark retired as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2007. Currently Mark Mariotti is FMHI Chairman leading the FMHI board's initiatives, and participating with projects in his role as Consultant.

Mark personally enjoys retirement relaxation by spending time with his family & friends, motor-sports racing events & travelling. Mark also enjoys actively volunteering his free time with his roles as: philanthropist, publisher, researcher, writer (First Published 14 Jan 1971 - Valley News, Van Nuys, California, USA), and his pledge to GivingTheFutureWay Initiatives.

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