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[Aishworya Childrens Home]

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JobStep Directory 

OUR MISSION – dedicated to inspiring resources towards vetted global community Gigs & Skills programs. These program’s primary focus is for the Job Seeker & Student to evolve into a well-rounded healthy and vibrant life for themselves, via global employment & education initiatives.


Gigs & Skills

  • (03/15/2019) The Homeless Leadership Coalition (HLC) is accepting proposals for a grant writer - READ MORE
  • (03/11/2019) Amazon is hiring 3,000 remote workers right now, here are some tips on snagging one - READ MORE
  • (03/1/2019) Top 5 jobs for millennials seeking 6-figure salaries - READ MORE
  • (12/1/2018) Google, Apple and 12 other companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree - READ MORE
  • (11/21/2018 - USA) Magellan owns the longest refined petroleum products pipeline system positions
  • (11/21/2018 - USA) PitchBook is a financial data and software company positions
  • (9/25/2018 - USA) eBay@Home in the U.S. to create close to 300 full-time, work from home positions globally by the end of 2018
  • (9/20/2018 - Central Oregon USA) FB datacenter adds 100 new full time jobs. First will be construction and solar installation then developers and server farm tech jobs @ Prineville Datacenter
  • (9/19/2018 - London UK) Business Insider is hiring a business reporter in London - Business Insider
  • (9/5/2018 - CA USA) Senior Manager, Business Strategy & Operations
  • (8/7/2018 - OR USA) When tech workers need jobs -
  • (8/7/2018 - OR USA) Accountant and or Grant Writer for his Sage wood Sanctuary project - Contact Larry
  • (8/3/2018 - USA) Trucking companies are hiking wages
  • (7/31/2018 - USA) where the jobs are—The leisure and hospitality, manufacturing and business services industries led job gains for the month of July - Read more...
  • (7/17/2018 - Bend, OR) CYFC is looking to hire a part-time (10 hours weekly) position to be the lead on a new Sunday Meal site - (Part-time Hourly $15 - Schedule: Sundays 9am-2pm at the Meal Site additional 5 hours flexible - CONTACT)






  • JM Staffing Resources - provides on-demand clerical/administrative, health care professionals, medical office support, legal, technical, and accounting personnel. Our willingness and ability to provide an immediate response to staffing requirements allows our clients the highest degree of flexibility on both long and short-term projects, with virtually seamless transitions
  • mikeroweWorks - The mikeroweWORKS Foundation started the Profoundly Disconnected® campaign to challenge the absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path
  • Virtual Locations, Virtual Location -
  • SoCal Tech & Accounting Jobs
  • HomeBased Business Resources - The U.S.A. Home Based Business Information Superhighway was established to help home-managed businesses, survive the shift to a global economy and to permit full participation now and in the 21st century
  • Video Producer Visit
  • The #1 Job Board In The Sports Industry Visit
  • USA America's Employers - comprehensive job search site for professionals, managers and executives
  • UK London Careers - comprehensive job search site.
  • USA America's Job Bank - extensive database of United States job listings
  • Finland Jobs Services - comprehensive job search site
  • - search for technology opportunities
  • USA American Jobs - hi-tech computer and engineering jobs. Employers can post job openings and job seekers can search job opportunities
  • Asian American Economic Development Enterprises, Inc. - AAEDE conducts a free annual career fair and provides free job listings; as provided training and employment services to thousands of Asian Americans
  • Aviation/Aerospace Jobs Page - offers detailed aviation and aerospace job listings and company profiles
  • Jobs Unlimited - UK database of jobs from the Guardian newspaper.
  • China Career - offering job listing database and resume posting for job seekers.
  • Want to work in Australia? - four ways to help you get a job in Australia
  • Search for Jobs in Australia
  • Find jobs in Europe - How to find a job in the EU as a non-European
  • - listings of management and professional positions available in many industries, with emphasis on sales, marketing, finance and technology.
  • CareerSite - comprehensive employment services for both employers and job seekers in all industries.
  • Christian Jobs Online - provides a location for Christian employers and Christian job seekers to find each other.
  • ColumbusJobs.Com - job listing for the Columbus, OH area.
  • Cool Jobs - comprehensive job search site.
  • Direct-Jobs - comprehensive job search site.
  • - corporate recruiting and job search site for electrical engineers and related professions.
  • Exec-U-Net - senior executive job, career information, and networking organization. Offers job listings from retained recruiters, search firms and companies, salary surveys, executive compensation, counseling, and more.
  • Executive Recruiter Galleria - database search engine hosting executive search firms/headhunters who post their current job listings.
  • GO Jobs - free job searching and resume posting service.
  • Hot Jobs - free online service for job hunters to find the technology positions in Fortune 500 and other top computer companies. Job seekers can customize their job searches and store their resume online.
  • HVAC Jobs Online - HVAC AGENT serving the HVAC, refrigeration, and energy management controls industry.
  • InPursuit's Employment Network - Offering a wide range of products and services including: a resume center, professional resume writing, career counseling, job posting, and more.
  • Job Resource, The - database of resumes and jobs. Offers career and resume advice.
  • JobBank USA - provides employment networking and information services to job candidates
  • Jobware - our online-service dedicated to both candidates seeking a job and companies seeking employees.
  • Ministry Search - Christian ad job listing offering available church openings, ministry positions, and ministers seeking jobs. Fee required to register as a candidate.
  • Minnesota Jobs - lists of technical and non-technical jobs and resumes. Access is free, with no registration.
  • Minority Career Network - natiowide job listings that adress the needs and concerns of the minority professional.
  • MMWire Classifieds - Job opportunities in multimedia, video games, interactive entertainment and online services.
  • InsuranceJobChannel - comprehensive insurance job search site.
  • NationJob Network -promotes job openings in a vareity of ways including personal job scout, a customized e-mail service.
  • Net-Temps - resume banks, contractor resources, and thousands of jobs from hundreds of employment agencies

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(DISCLOSURE) – The FMHI Board's Mariotti Family Office interacted with aforementioned, which is presented for information & related research only, regardless of any other characterization.
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